Advisory Committee


The purpose of the CTL Advisory Committee is to have a robust communication channel between faculty and staff leaders and CTL for discussing enterprise academic technology initiatives, professional development programming, and strategic directions for our center.  


Academic Technology & Professional Development Programming

Meetings for AY 2017-2018

The CTL Advisory Committee will meet once per semester:

  • Fri, Oct 20
  • Fri, Feb 16

If a special need comes up, we will call an ad hoc meeting or WebEx session or by email.


  • ‚ÄčDebra Smith, CLAS
  • Randy Haldeman, A+A
  • Ertunga Ozelkan, COE
  • Florence Martin, COED
  • Charles Bodkin, COBA
  • Harini Ramaprasad, CCI
  • Susan Lynch, CHHS
  • Cherese Childers-McKee, HON
  • Coral Wayland, UCOL
  • Marc Bess, Library
  • Bobby Hobgood, LRC
  • Cathy Blat, UCAE
  • Gena Smith, ODS
  • Rich Preville, AISLE
  • Alex Chapin, CLAS
  • Mohamed Shehab, FITSAC Chair
  • Mildred Martinez,  SGA Secretary for Academic Affairs
  • Jennifer Perry, GPSG Vice President