Job Ad For Adaptive Learning - 2023

★ Join. This. Team. ★ 


An Instructional Designer’s Dream

How would you like to put together everything our field encompasses into one massive initiative?  How would you like to use every skill, every bit of knowledge, and every experience you have to shape what’s next at UNC Charlotte?  Do you like big projects with big, complex challenges to solve?  Then keep reading, because we are looking for you!


Personalized & Adaptive Learning Enterprise at Charlotte

Our team has spent the last four years exploring, redesigning, building, and delivering courses to leverage the Active+Adaptive learning model.  Based on the success of these projects, our university has made a strategic decision to use this model to redesign all of our Math Pathways for every student as the focus of our university’s Quality Enhancement Plan.  The initial push will be a multi-year, multi-team endeavor to launch 10+ newly redesigned courses in Math and Statistics.  We have successfully implemented redesigned courses in Mechanical Engineering, Statistics, and other STEM areas with further opportunities on the horizon to be added to our portfolio.  And to do that, we need your help!  We are growing our team to add new, permanent positions.


The personalized and adaptive learning team aligns to UNC Charlotte’s new ten-year strategic plan with the goal to ensure equity, accessibility, affordability, and student success. We will continue to grow and launch additional programs and curriculum that support AI-driven personalized and adaptive learning in core/foundational courses to develop accessible and equitable learning pathways for students.


OK, So How Can These Projects Really Encompass EVERYTHING?

Look, we’re not kidding about this.  Our Personalized & Adaptive enterprise uses everything in the entire ID/IDT/IST toolkit.  Instructional design and development, next-generation learning management systems, academic technology, faculty development, learning analytics, evaluation, research, grant writing, project management, stakeholder engagement, publishing and presenting?  Yes, all of that and so much more.  We defy you to ask about anything in the ID world being in these projects, because the answer will be a resounding “yes.”  This enterprise is every promise of our field being fulfilled, and we are just in the early stages.


Who We’re Looking For

If you’re the kind of person who is excited and intrigued about what we’ve described so far, then you’ll fit in great with our team.  Everyone here is super smart and driven and loves seeing the impact we have on campus.  Our CTL has been around for almost 25 years and we have always been respected and well liked on campus, which means we have built great relationships with stakeholders everywhere.  We are not just hiring a worker: we are hiring a colleague to come do great work with us.  Systems thinking and innovative solutions are absolutely not buzzwords but our reality.  You will have a hand in designing everything, and we mean that in the best and broadest ways possible.  This team is not a perfectly well-oiled machine, so we need you to contribute your ideas to help build it.  As you can see from the full list of job duties and responsibilities, you will stretch and grow, and you will shape and change things around you and see the tangible results.  People will beat a path to your door to learn what you are doing, and you will excitedly share with them all the great things happening at Charlotte under your watch.


What About Telework and All That Jazz?

Hey, we all know that much, if not nearly all, of our work can be done remotely.  We get it.  IDs saved the world during the worst parts of the pandemic!  This position may have a blend of onsite and up to 50% remote work, but it is at least partially onsite at our beautiful university (we even have a light rail stop on campus!).  No need to worry about all that, though: Charlotte is a great place to work and live!  We could go on and on about this, but we know you’ll do your homework.  TBH, we want you around as part of our creative and high performing team.  Your value is more than just the sum of your work outputs: your value is YOU!


How Soon Can You Start?

We need your talent right away. Seriously. We understand that a job change or career change is a big deal.  You may even be relocating from a far away place to come to Charlotte.  But if you could start by April 1, that would be ideal.  Our timeline is aggressive, so we will look at your materials immediately and start contacting qualified candidates for interviews.  It often feels like hiring in higher ed takes forever, but this process is going to go as fast as possible.


Jumpstart Your New Career By Applying Today!

All the details on how to apply can be found in the official job positing at

[And be sure to see the full list of job duties and responsibilities before applying.]





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