Job Ad For Faculty Development Specialist - 2022

Seeking an Instructional Designer/Technologist Whose Heart is All-in For Faculty Development!

Our Center for Teaching and Learning is looking for a high-level contributor who wants to make a huge impact at Charlotte. This position will be part of a new academic transformation team in the CTL. To help give you a sense of what this role is like, please read the full job description below.

Primary Purpose of Position

This position is responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating key programs and projects for colleges, departments, faculty, and instructional staff to enable them to effectively and efficiently use supported learning management systems and learning technologies and methods for effective learning; leading new instructional technology projects and initiatives; evaluating impact of programs and systems as applicable.

Summary of Position Responsibilities 

Given the need to continually advance and promote the use of mixed teaching methodologies that incorporate the use of technology to not only enhance classroom-based instruction but also broaden the basis for online and hybrid courses, this position involves partnering with faculty in multiple ways for course design and delivery. 

This position is responsible for leading and supporting instructional programs and initiatives in the Center for Teaching and Learning by providing expertise in the use of academic technologies, instructional design, and best practices in teaching and learning. This will include planning, implementing, promoting, managing, and evaluating the changes associated with learning environments and instructional systems.  This position may also help lead R&D of new instructional technologies and of existing educational/instructional systems to extend functionality for faculty and present findings to the campus and broader constituencies.


(25%):  Leading faculty professional development programs to promote teaching excellence and innovation

  • Develop programs which create pathways for faculty satisfaction and student success, serve under-resourced and strategic populations, and enrich campus climate for teaching and learning. Serve as expert in cross functional teams within CTL, across SPS, and across the university, at an enterprise level to research, discover, develop, and disseminate results on innovative programs.

  • Partner with faculty, departments, and colleges to find new ways to deliver courses that meet student and faculty needs. Ensure high quality course design and delivery, engage students, save faculty time, and improve consistency of student outcomes and DFW rates. Explore innovative external partnerships and applications, such as academic technology providers, publisher content, and others.

  • Create and sustain a community around major initiatives and connect to the greater academic community beyond UNC Charlotte regarding state and local trends in effective teaching and instructional technologies. Collaborate in the study of best practices and educational research which promotes the Center and the understanding of teaching and learning on campus. Participate in pertinent activities with state and national organizations.

(25%): Overseeing and coordinating the development of instructional solutions and support for faculty success:

  • Lead ad hoc teams in defining problems and identifying instructionally effective solutions. Develop implementation strategies to launch new initiatives, including timelines and resources. Translate solutions into programs for various groups, particularly faculty-facing programs, as part of the CTL service catalog.

  • Collaborate with faculty and staff at various levels of technical ability and seniority in order to achieve organizational and technical goals—across functions within CTL, among SPS and OneIT stakeholders, and academic departments and colleges. Create formal and ad hoc work groups for analyzing problems, developing solutions, and communicating solutions regarding enterprise level academic technologies.

  • Lead the development of support and training materials in all formats (e.g., instructor led, video tutorials, and online web based). Conduct pilot studies, user studies, and evaluations on new technologies.

  • Coordinate with OneIT Tech team lead and the Faculty Development team on the provision and technical support of the enterprise level software solutions in the CTL. Meet regularly with the CTL OneIT Tech team lead to plan and implement new instructional technology solutions, including organizing testing, developing timelines for implementation, and identifying documentation and training needs.

(25%): Consulting with faculty and staff on course effectiveness and the pedagogical use of instructional technologies:

  • Help faculty to design, develop, and deliver courses that maximize student engagement through the integration of sound pedagogy and academic technology. Consult with faculty, departments, colleges, committees, ad hoc groups on online/blended/hybrid courses, instructional design, and course redesign.

  • Provide consultation in enterprise instructional technology systems to individual faculty, departments, and colleges. Provide expertise to CTL peers, OneIT Help Desk, and distributed IT. Interact frequently with a broad range of campus constituents to solve enterprise-level problems.

  • Communicate complex information in an easily understood way to disparate audiences of varying technical skills, via small group and large group workshops, webinars, presentations, and oral and written reports.

  • Collaborate with CTL/SPS teams to design, develop, and lead professional development programs to support faculty use of instructional technologies through training, academies, and online and print resources.

(25%): Managing large scale projects and programs for the support of faculty and instructional staff in the adoption and use of academic technologies and methods that will impact student success:

  • Lead projects through the analysis, implementation, and evaluation of enterprise-level academic technologies for high impact on both classroom and online learning environments.

  • Oversee the programmatic efforts for development and ongoing implementation for course design / redesign programs. Lead course redesign projects that leverage academic technology and innovative methods, including adaptive learning, active learning, flipped classrooms, part-of-term courses, online and blended courses.

  • Manage project and program timelines, resources, and personnel. Create and oversee ongoing evaluation on an annual and ad hoc basis and retain ownership of data and reporting, regarding the effectiveness of projects and programs, for institutional reporting.

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