Course Design

This pathway guides faculty in developing comprehensive strategies for course design / redesign.


Workshops at this level provide an important foundation for effective course design. Focal areas include learning about approaches, influential theories, and other foundations of course design, creating effective assessments, and leveraging organizational strategies for courses and instructional materials.

Approximate time commitment: 32 Hours


Workshops at this level immerse faculty in tools, strategies, and techniques for designing / redesigning courses. Focal areas include leveraging data to inform course redesign, consultation with CTL staff to create a course redesign roadmap, and developing a Teaching Enhancement Plan.

Approximate time commitment: 29 hours


Workshops at this level develop leadership in course design topics and provide opportunities for faculty to expand and share their expertise through a variety of collaborative projects in partnership with the CTL. Focal areas include pursuing Quality Matters (QM) course certification, providing leadership as a QM scholar, designing and leading training, and mentoring or developing workshops for other faculty.

Approximate time commitment: 25-30 hours