Engaged Pedagogy

This pathway guides faculty in the use of high-impact learning strategies that engage student learning.


Workshops at this level focus on foundational tools and strategies for effective teaching. Focal areas include constructing a syllabus, starting class off on the right foot, getting started with active teaching and learning, and writing effective learning objectives and the basics of backward design.

Approximate time commitment: 14 hours


Workshops at this level immerse faculty in strategies and methods for enhancing their teaching practice. Focal areas include using feedback to improve teaching and learning, developing a Teaching Enhancement Plan, and inclusive teaching and learning.

Approximate time commitment: 20 hours


Workshops at this level develop leadership in engaged pedagogy topics and provide opportunities for faculty to expand and share their expertise through a variety of collaborative projects in partnership with the CTL. Focal areas include scholarly teaching work, serving as a Teacher’s Observing Peers exemplar, designing and leading training, and mentoring other faculty.

Approximate time commitment: 25-30 hours