The Explore-Engage-Extend Model

1Inclusive Learning-Center Collaborative: Educational Leadership, Teaching & Supporting Learning, Profession Learning & Development, Mentorship, Research, Scholarship & InquiryThe theoretical framework we are using foregrounds inclusive, learning-centered, and collaborative ways of knowing and being. It defines five facets of teaching expertise: teaching and supporting learning; professional learning and development; mentorship; research, scholarship, and inquiry; and, educational leadership, and provides a development continuum for each facet. The framework is flexible and the framework authors explain that “development of teaching expertise is recursive and context dependent and there is no single entry point.”

Following the framework, each theme has three levels, Explore, Extend/Inquire, and Extend. 

The Explore Level focuses on the growth of the individual faculty member within their local context. In addition to learning new concepts, faculty are guided to learn about and become familiar with campus resources available to support their growth as an instructor.

The Engage/Inquire Level guides faculty in becoming active participants in the development of their teaching practice, focusing on encouraging them to develop, seek out, implement, and assess new strategies. At this level, faculty engage and inquire more deeply about processes, procedures, and strategies suggested by the thematic pathway. Faculty apply new knowledge in their teaching, collecting feedback and data and reflecting critically on those changes and their own development. Faculty are also guided in aligning their teaching curriculum to support institutional, program, and departmental priorities and goals.

Finally, in all thematic pathways, the Extend and Lead Level guides faculty in developing funded and unfunded projects to deepen understanding in their field, publishing scholarship on teaching, leading efforts to improve engaged pedagogy at the university, state, national or international level, and/or identifying ways to mentor other faculty. It offers faculty several venues to demonstrate leadership and mentorship around teaching at the institution.

1 Image from: A Developmental Framework for Teaching Expertise in Postsecondary Education.