Pathways Starting Point

Where to Start?

Following the theoretical framework that underpins the CTL Faculty Development Pathways, the program is flexible and there is no single entry point. However, while faculty are free to take any workshop or participate in any of the development experiences in any order they wish, faculty who wish to earn a certificate are strongly encouraged to choose and complete one pathway and level at a time.

Note for New Faculty: The pathways were intentionally and sequentially designed to support you in making the case for your continued improvement and success in your teaching practice across time. We strongly recommend that you choose one pathway and work through the Explore, Engage, and Extend level to acquire the experiences and documentation you can use to support your teaching agenda for RPT or contract renewal purposes.

Pathways at a Glance

Early Career - New to the Topic. Mid Career - 2-5 years topic area, Late Career - 5+ years in topic area

Time Requirements

Certificates vary in time required, based on level and theme. Generally, faculty can complete requirements for a certificate within an academic year. However, there is no time limit and faculty can also pursue certificates over the course of multiple years. Faculty who complete a pathway and earn a certificate are also awarded a digital badge from the UNC Charlotte School of Professional Studies via Credly. The workshops and activities of the program can also be used by faculty who do not wish to pursue the certificate or who wish to participate in some, but not all, of the activities. CTL workshops and activities are open to all teaching faculty at the university so faculty might attend one or more workshops without completing a certificate.