Program Benefits

This program has benefits for faculty and administration.

For faculty, the program:

  • Provides support for documentation of evidence that is consistent with varying levels of development.
  • Provides support to faculty in developing a teaching narrative that demonstrates impact and the continual improvement of teaching practices to support student success and learning.
  • Creates a professional network of faculty to allow for engagement in the scholarship and discussion of effective teaching and learning practices.
  • Creates opportunities to demonstrate leadership in teaching at the University.

For chairs and deans, the program:

  • Provides resources and support in the development of teaching expertise across the career span for faculty in various positions (graduate student instructors, part-time, lecturer, clinical, tenure-track) and at various levels (contract renewals, reappointment, assistant, associate, full).
  • Provides an actionable plan with clear deliverables to demonstrate support for the University Strategic Plan Goal A and Goal B.

The CTL Faculty Development Pathways support the following University Strategic Goals: