Is there a way to upload email addresses into SurveyShare?

Yes, you can upload a simple text file with the email addresses. However, the system will only accept email addresses separated by a comma or listed separately on each line.You can't upload an Excel spreadsheet, you must convert the the file into a .txt file that only contains email addresses. For example, a file like this will work:,

Can I remove the message at the bottom of the SurveyShare screen?

These messages cannot be removed as they are part of SurveyShare. You can customize beginning and ending messages, but cannot remove any SurveyShare messages. To not have respondents see any messages, use the Feedback Form survey type. Respondents will not see SurveyShare's built-in Opening Statement screen. Instead, the web address (URL) leads directly to your survey questions.

How do students access my survey?

When you create a new survey, a web address (URL) is created for students to access the survey. Simply direct them to the URL to complete the survey. You can notify your respondents directly, or you can use the email invitation system within SurveyShare.

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