Clicker Evaluation Mandate

To convene an evaluation committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students to engage in a number of investigative and exploratory tasks. The mission of the committee is to determine whether our current Clicker (“Student Response System”) solution supports the diverse instructional needs of our campus or if we should consider alternatives/other vendors. As our present clicker solution has been in place for over 6 years, we believe this time offers the campus the opportunity to review the technology, the support, and the cost to our students.

FAQs About the Clicker Evaluation

Why the need for a clicker evaluation?

UNC Charlotte has supported clicker technology from Turning Technologies over the last 6 years. Recent changes in the cost to our students, the software, and the process of using the software have occurred requiring a review of the technology. It is important that we remain current with our instructional community as we support the intentional use of technology in the classroom.