This tutorial will walk you through manually checking for Respondus product updates. Anyone who already installed Respondus 2.x can download and apply the latest patch, if one is available. If you are currently using version 1.x this “Check for Update” method will not work to get version 2.x, you must download and install the current Respondus Full Version.

Standard Format

Respondus will import: multiple choice, true-false, paragraph, short answer, matching, and multiple response questions. The text (.txt), rich text (.rtf) or Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) files must be organized in a Standard Format before it can be imported into Respondus.

Can I use Respondus with a Mac computer?

A dedicated Macintosh version of Respondus is not available. It is only available for Windows-based operating system.

There is a work-around that we cannot recommend for all faculty and staff, but, if you are a Macintosh aficionado and use either Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or some virtual Windows environment you should be able to install and use Respondus on your Mac.