Personalized & Adaptive Learning Team

Heidi Echols

With over 22 years in higher education, Heidi has been the Director of a Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation, a Full Professor, a Department Chair, and a QEP Co-Chair. With her primary focus on Instructional Design, Heidi comes to UNCC from NCSU, where she was an Instructional Designer with the Poole College of Management.  As an Instructional Designer/Technologist II at UNCC, Heidi will focus on adaptive learning and work to create holistic learning experiences across campus.

Kiran Budhrani, Ed.D.

Dr. Kiran Budhrani is the Director of Personalized & Adaptive Learning at the Center for Teaching and Learning at UNC Charlotte. She has 15 years of experience as an educator and learning professional. She enjoys collaborating with faculty and design teams to drive innovative solutions for online learning, hybrid learning, active learning, and adaptive learning modalities. Kiran’s approaches are guided by transformative, authentic, project-based learning philosophies.