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empowering educators, inspiring futures

Support faculty in creating moments and memories that spark innovative thinking

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Stay informed, stay inspired

Designing learning opportunities and facilitating conversations with educators to discover possibilities

Captivating course design

Crafting courses and designing learning spaces that support meaningful learning experiences

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shaping what’s next

Transforming teaching and enriching learning to inspire action to make a better world.

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The Center for Teaching and Learning is at the forefront of educational innovation and inspiring the next generation of learners. Through collaboration with our faculty and staff, we design transformative experiences that shape the future. Together, we can create a world where teaching excellence and innovative learning are the cornerstones of academic success.

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The Teaching and Learning Innovation team hosted it’s 2nd Next-Generation Learning with Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools, Professional Certificate this summer.


Please welcome Van Lane (he/they) to the Media Production Team in the Center for Teaching and Learning. 

The Center for Teaching and Learning is engaging in course redesign initiative with 4 freshmen engineering courses in 2024-2025 including: 1300, 1301, 1302, 1303