Resources for Teaching After a Crisis

Resources for Teaching After Crisis #CharlotteStrong

In response to the tragedy at UNC Charlotte, the Center for Teaching and Learning with the assistance of the NIU Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center has compiled the following information and resources for faculty as the campus community heals. This page will be frequently updated as additional resources are made available throughout the healing process and will remain archived here. 

Teaching Through Tragedy - UNCC

Tips and strategies compiled by UNC Charlotte for teaching after a tragedy.

Instructional Continuity - UNCC

Resources to assist faculty in continuing instruction in the event of an extended disruption due to pandemic illness, natural disaster, or unsafe conditions on Campus.

Strategies for Teaching in Difficult Times - NIU

Tips and strategies compiled by NIU for teaching after a tragedy.

Coping With a Traumatic Event: Information for the Public [PDF] - CDC

Information by the Centers for Disease Control on coping with tragic events

Crisis Intervention on Campus: Current and New Approaches [PDF]

Article by Bert H. Epstein (2004) discussing the resulting use, potential overuse, and possible misuse of psychological debriefing. Analysis and interpretation of recent scientific data for interventions similar to commonly used methods of campus crisis intervention are provided.

Guidelines for Leading Class Discussions in Response to Tragedy [PDF] - ASU

Suggestions offered by Arizona State University for preparing to facilitate class discussions regarding recent tragedy

Managing Distress in the Aftermath of NIU Shootings: Tips for College and University Students [PDF] - ASU

Recommendations for students compiled by Arizona State University

Responding to Distressed Students - UC Santa Barbara

Information that may help in recognizing and responding to students in distress and making appropriate referrals, compiled by the University of California, Santa Barbara

Sustaining Academic Community in the Aftermath of Tragedy [PDF]

Article by Terry M. Wildman, Virginia Tech, focusing on the question of how an academic community can sustain itself and work productively and positively to achieve normally high aspirations for its students and all members of the community

Teaching in Times of Crisis - Vanderbilt

Recommended steps for teaching during times of crisis

Managing Grief: Student Resource Guide to Experiencing Grief and Getting Help

This guide aims to provide support for grieving students and those who care about them.

Tips for Parents of School Age Children: Helping Your Children Manage Distress in the Aftermath of School Shootings

Tips compiled by the American Psychological Association for helping children manage their distress

Additional information or resources?

Do you have an additional resource to share with UNC Charlotte faculty? Email the URL, title, and brief description of suggested resources to for consideration.
Center for Teaching and Learning staff are available for consultations on strategies for teaching after a crisis and can be reached at 704-687-5500 or