Edit Questions and Settings

It is possible to edit questions to correct text and select new correct answers after the questions have been imported into Respondus.

If you have not yet obtained a license, or downloaded and installed the application, please see our Respondus page for instructions.

Step 1: Select Question to Edit

  1. In the “Question List Title” column at the bottom of the screen, click the link for the question you want to edit. The Properties window is displayed. In this example, we are editing question 2, Bus seat.
    NOTE: The Edit Questions menu on the left displays all question types and will open an Edit screen based on the format of the selected question.

 Select question to edit.

Step 2: Choose Action

You can preview or make changes to the question using the buttons on the right side of the window.

  1. Click Modify to edit the question. The question will be displayed in the upper portion of the Edit Questions screen.

 Choose Action

Step 3: Edit the Question

You can now change any of the text, select a new correct answer or change the number of points the question is worth.

  1. In the “Point Value” text box, type a point value for the question. The default is 1. In this example, we have changed the value to 10.

 Edit the Question

Step 4: Preview the Question

Before you upload the questions into your Blackboard Vista course, you can preview how they will look to the students.

  1. Click Preview. The Preview Current Item dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click OK to close the dialog box (not illustrated). The Edit tab will be displayed.

 Preview the Question

Step 5: Save Changes

  1. When you are finished editing and previewing the question, click Save Changes.

 Save Changes

Step 6: Activate the Settings Tab

  1. Click the Settings tab. The WebCT Settings screen is displayed.

 Activate the Settings Tab

Step 7: Select an Option

  1. Click the Basic & Availablity option. The Basic & Availability screen will be displayed.

 Select an Option

Step 8: Select Quiz Settings

Set the options you want for the quiz on the Basic & Availability, Security & Submissions and the Results screens.
NOTE: Settings for Selective Release must be changed in your Blackboard Vista course.

 Select Quiz Settings