This tutorial will walk you through manually checking for Respondus product updates. Anyone who already installed Respondus 2.x can download and apply the latest patch, if one is available. If you are currently using version 1.x this “Check for Update” method will not work to get version 2.x, you must download and install the current Respondus Full Version.

If you have not yet obtained a license, or downloaded and installed the application, please see our Respondus page for instructions.

Step 1: Menu Selection

If Respondus has not already been launched you must do so to complete this tutorial.

 Menu Selection

  1. From the menu bar, select Help.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Check for Update.

Step 2 Version & Date

If you don’t need the update, you will receive a message stating there is no update available.

Otherwise you will see the version that Respondus will be updated to and the date the patch was made available.

  1. Click Get Update.
  2. Close Respondus (not illustrated). Upon exiting the patch will automatically be applied.

 Version and Date