Fretwell 114

Classroom Layout

Fretwell 114

Classroom Technology and Furniture


Ground Floor, Fretwell building
Capacity: 30
Priority: Writing, Rhetoric, & Digital Studies
Availability: Currently available for booking

This active learning classroom is equipped with the following technology and furniture:

  • 5 table pods with 6 seats
  • 6 wall-mounted display monitors with HDMI cables
  • 8 wall-mounted whiteboards
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Document camera
  • 2 wireless microphones with neck lanyard
  • Distributed audio system

Classroom Technology Tutorial Videos for Instructors

Instructors can use a variety of tools to blend instruction in the active learning classroom. The video tutorials below explain how to utilize classroom technology.

  1. How to change sources on the touch panelHow to use the Display Sources and System Tools
  2. How to use the microphones in the Active Learning ClassroomHow to use the Volume Controls and Microphone
  3. How to use Zoom in the Active Learning ClassroomHow to use Zoom

Full video playlist: