Writing Module Level Objectives

What is a module objective?

A module objective specifies a specific, observable behavior, skill, or action in small, discrete pieces. Module objectives can be viewed as the building blocks or tasks that lead students to mastery of a course objective.

What do good module objectives look like?

Much like course objectives, module objectives need to be specific, measurable, and written from the learner’s perspective. You can use the same formula for writing module objectives as course objectives, just keep in mind that the focus is much smaller and more specific:

Action VerbPlus SignDescribe KnowledgePlus SignDescribe Criterion

How do module objectives differ from course objectives?

Course objectives are much broader in scope than module level objectives. Where module objectives break down skills and knowledge into very specific, discrete skills, course objectives point more to overarching student understanding and higher level thinking skills. In a module, you may have 10 or more objectives explaining all of the steps/tasks involved in learning a concept. For a course, you will only want 3-6 course objectives.

Course Objective: Utilize writing process strategies including invention, drafting, revision, & editing

1. Develop an essay idea by using brainstorming techniques 2. Identify characteristics of essays written in Standard Edited American English. 3. Format essays and writing assignments according to provided requirements 4. Demonstrate essay introductions, conclusions, transitions, thesis statements, and organization structures

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