Media Production

Media Production

Media production services within the Center for Teaching and Learning are focused around media and media support for academic video production directly related to learning content in credit courses.

Please explore the resources below to access FAQs, identify a training, request an academic video project, or submit a help ticket for a consultation. 

NOTE: Previous responsibilites of the Media Production Team included support for Zoom and Hybrid Events as an emergency response during the pandemic. Now that the University has fully resumed normal operations after the COVID-19 pandemic, we are ending the emergency support offered by this team in order to resume their normal duties of academic video production directly related to learning content in credit courses. If you are interested in Zoom support or Hybrid Event Support, ongoing professional development will be available for you and your team--refer to the FAQs and information below.

Academic Media Production Guides

Academic Media Production Request

Please complete the form to apply for academic media project support. Please note that form submission does not guarantee academic support for your project. A media project manager will contact you for more details: Academic Media Production Request. Production requests can include studio filming, on-location filming, audio recording, and interactive media creation. 






Zoom Event FAQs

Zoom as a service is managed by OneIT. Zoom training is available through Percipio. Check the bottom of the OneIT training calendar for links to Zoom Training.

Hybrid Events

Training for hybrid event hosting will be available on the CTL Training Calendar on a regular basis beginning in Summer 2023. If you have questions about hybrid events, please submit a ticket to with CTL Hybrid Event Support in the subject line so it will be routed appropriately. A Media Production Team staff member will reach out to you for a consultation.