UTOP FIT Canvas Template

FIT Course Template

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Team and UNC Charlotte’s Center for Teaching and Learning has developed a Canvas course template for faculty to use as they facilitate the Forty-Niner Intensive Transition program (F.I.T) program. The availability of this template provides faculty with an entry point for designing their Canvas course for the F.I.T program. They can now access this template, modify content as needed and begin using it with the students in the F.I.T program. This courese template is intentionally designed, using DesignPlus for uniform templates, and learning pages. The course is visually aesthetic and offers clear navigation. The course design focuses on creating a sense of belonging by using phrases like , “You belong here, and I want you to succeed.” The course also incorporates an intentional design for campus student resources that allows for easy navigation and prominence in the course. The 7 common activities focus on normalizing help-seeking, creating a sense of belonging and introduce the ideas of growth-mindest.

Accessing the Template

The template is located in the Commons in Canvas. For directions on how to access the template and import the template into your course, click the Download Template button below and follow the instructions in the PDF..

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Getting Support with the Template

As you import the template and begin using it, the Center for Teaching and Learning is available to answer any of your questions or provide assistance. Use the Support Ticket button to submit a request for support with your use of the template.

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