Teaching Certificate Recipients

The below individuals have completed the Essentials of Teaching and Learning Certificate by attending five workshops covering foundations in important aspects of teaching and learning in higher education.

Spring 2023
Faculty Name Department/Program
McKenna Cunningham Business Administration
Christopher Green Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Suzanne Collins Marketing
Fall 2022
Faculty Name Department/Program
Beth Smith Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Spring 2022
Faculty Name Department/Program
Michael Benjamin Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Julie Milovanovic Computer Science
Anna Athanasopoulou Mathematics and Statistics
Aly Amidei Theatre
Paola Lopez-Duarte Biological Sciences
Sayde Brais Dept. of Communication Studies
Jyotsana Parajuli School of Nursing
Marviene Fulton Psychological Science
Fall 2021
Faculty Name Department/Program
Laura Magennis School of Nursing
Spring 2021
Faculty Name Department/Program
Kevin Edwards-Knight School of Social Work
Ellen Wisner Biological Sciences
Andrea Kaniuka Public Health Sciences
Ashley Spry Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Jeremy Jay Bioinformatics and Genomics
Nelcy Gauger Nursing
Fatima Salahdine Electrical and Computer Engineering
Pawel Korpal Languages and Culture Studies
Carrie Wells Biological Sciences
Jennifer Bambrick Reading and Elementary Education
Farzana Ferdous Biological Sciences
Fall 2020
Faculty Name Department/Program
Lee-Ann Kenny  School of Nursing
Jose Rafael Mora Gonzalez College of Health and Human Services
Amber Davidson Organizational Science
Spring 2020
Faculty Name Department/Program
Tracy Beauregard
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Sciences
Lorenzo Hopper Public Health Sciences
Beth Lorenz Education Abroad
Marlon Mejias Software and Information Systems
Eleanor Ritterskamp Philosophy
Caylah Crosby Mathematics and Statistics
Sue Hodge
Criminal Justice and Criminology
Whitney Strickler Education Abroad
Tuba Gezer  Educational Leadership
Franck Diaz Garelli Public Health Sciences 
Hadia Ghandour Marketing
Colleen Karnas-Haines  College of Computing and Informatics
Melanie Harris Biological Sciences
Shagufta Raja Center For STEM Education
Fall 2019
Faculty Name Department/Program
Kaus Sarkar Dance
Deborah Beete Public Health Sciences 
Anne-Kathrin Kronberg Sociology
Eliana Christou Mathematics and Statistics
Gary Crosby Mathematics and Statistics
Peter Ferdinando  History
Trudy Moore-Harrison Kinesiology
Wendy Neustrup School of Nursing
Bryce Van Doren Doctoral Student - Health Services Research
Karlesia Montague Doctoral Student - College of Education 
Chelsea Demarest Public Health Sciences
Sherman Mumford Engineering
Emily Nishiyama Nursing
Michael Smith Construction Management
April Schenck Research Services and Outreach
Islam Obaidat Computing and Informatics
Chris Mellinger Language and Cultural Studies
Spring 2019
Faculty Name Department/Program
Qiong Cheng Computing and Informatics
Kim Clark Kinesiology 
Neema Mrisho Public Health Sciences
Prea Persaud Religious Studies
Maria Saleeva Sociology
Rachel Walstead Computing & Informatics
Minnie Webster Biology
Noha Gali Languages and Culture Studies
Oluwaseun Adeyemi  Provost Doctoral Teaching Program
Enika Banerjee  Language and Culture Studies 
Elise Berman  Anthropology 
Julie Cook   University Writing Program 
William Davis  Language and Culture Studies 
Samantha Furr-Rogers Biological Sciences 
Lisa Gaskin  Teacher Education Advising, Licensure, and Recruitment 
Teresa Gaston School of Nursing 
Jan Kofsky  Provost Doctoral Teaching Program 
Jimmie Miller  Center for Precision Metrology
Honore Missihoun  Africana Studies
Angela Mitchell  University Writing Programs
Victoria Rankin  Sociology
Sandy Rogelberg  Reading and Elementary Education
George Shaw  Public Health Sciences
Shankari Somayaji  Biological Sciences
Vanna Sombatsaphay  Provost Doctoral Teaching Program
Nicole Stott  Provost Doctoral Teaching Program
 Letha Victor  Religious Studies
Cynthia  Toth  School of Nursing 
Lauren Wallace  Public Health Sciences
Fall 2018
Faculty Name Department/Program
Paloma Fernandez Sanchez Languages and Culture Studies
Amy Colombo Research and Writing
Catherine Fuentes Anthropology    
Jon Pope University Writing 
Meaghan Rand University Writing
Elizabeth von Briesen Provost's Doctoral Teaching Program
Tonya Bates Biology
Mandy Carter Communications
Lida Safarnejad Software & Information Systems
Jessica Taylor Office of Education Abroad
Bruce Taylor Reading and Elementary Education 
Amirreza Niakanlahiji Provost's Doctoral Teaching Program
Alexia Galati Psychology
Brenda Ward Kinesiology 
Tracy Bonoffski Kinesiology 
Fateme Barancheshme Provost's Doctoral Teaching Program
Babak Bahrani Provost's Doctoral Teaching Program
Kimberly Papay Provost's Doctoral Teaching Program   
Ghaith Husari Provost's Doctoral Teaching Program
Alicia Dahl Public Health Sciences
Evan Nooe American Studies
Summer 2018
Faculty Name Department/Program
Amanda Dexter Kinesiology
Cynthia Fox Global Business Programs
Hali Hutchison Performing Arts
Lanny Inabnit Kinesiology
Adam Lavis Kinesiology
Juliana Marino Kinesiology
Mary McKenzie Sociology
Veronica Robinson Africana Studies