External Tool Rubric for Canvas

External Tool (LTI) Rubric for Canvas

The items listed below are provided for your information. These are the things that will be evaluated by CTL technical staff to determine if the external tool you are requesting will be enabled for use.


  • Does the tool have a Secure login?
  • Is sensitive data passed between Canvas and the tool (e.g. grades) over secure connection?
  • Does the tool vendor have security and data backup policies?


  • Is the tool in compliance with FERPA and Charlotte policies?


  • Do user agreements/contracts (if applicable) meet Charlotte policies and requirements?

Data Sharing, Ownership, & Management

  • Does the tool vendor stipulate data storage and management procedures and policies?
  • Does the tool vendor stipulate data ownership, access, and retention policies?
  • Are there any third-party data access policies required?


  • Is there a fee/cost to use the tool? If so, what are the costs and who will pay them?
  • What types of purchase options are available (institutional, college, instructor, and student)?

Pedagogical Impacts

  • What is the teaching and learning value of the tool?

Technical Considerations

  • Does the tool link (integrate) to Canvas?
  • Are there any network limitations?
  • Does the tool comply with Charlotte Acceptable Use policy?
  • What are the demands on staff and resources?

Development & Support

  • Is client support available?
  • Is vendor a Canvas partner?


  • Is the tool in compliance with Higher Ed requirements for accessibility and demonstrated best practices for universal design?