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The following courses are available for viewing, but are not part of the current observation and debrief offerings. You are welcome to self-enroll in the site and view these excellent examples of teaching at our institution.

Note: Because there is no debrief, these courses do not count toward the Certificates offered by the CTL.

Archived Classes

Stella Kim, Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership

RSCH 6110/8110: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (Online Asynchronous)

This is the introductory statistics course which all Ph.D. students in the Cato College of Education are required to take. In this course students learn about basic concepts and applications of statistics. The course is designed to offer students an opportunity to engage in semester-long group research projects while developing a conceptual and technical understanding of statistics individually.

RSCH 6110/8110 Course Introduction Video

Meredith Troutman-Jordan, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing

NURS 4420: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Practicum (Hybrid Asynchronous)

This is a clinical course with weekly practicum experiences at a facility that provides inpatient and outpatient psychiatric mental health care to adults. Students spend one 8 hour day per week in the clinical setting with me and have corresponding asynchronous content and activities that take approximately 1 hour per week. The course is focused on development of competencies necessary for the practice of psychiatric mental health nursing. Emphasis is on the use of self in relationships, psychiatric nursing assessment, nursing interventions with clients and working as a member of the health care team. Students are upper level nursing students in the first semester of their senior year.

NURS 4420 Course Introduction Video

NURS 6115: Health Policy (Online Asynchronous)

This is a core course required for all MSN students. It provides students an overview of the organization and financing of the healthcare delivery system in the United States. Students learn about and engage in analysis of healthcare policy, financing, political trends, ethical, and professional issues, including the theoretical underpinnings of health policy making, the empirical thrusts of policy analysis and research, and the relationship between health policy making and political process in the practice of nursing and healthcare.Students complete independent and group work in this asynchronous course. There are three optional virtual meetings via WebEx where they can drop in and connect with the instructor if desired.

Dean Adams, Associate Professor in Theatre and Associate Dean of Performing Arts Services

COAA 3150: Musical Theatre History (Online Asynchronous)

This completely online course is an introduction to the history of musical theatre, which surveys the major shows in musical theater literature, through the study of plots, scores, characters, and songs of the shows. Students explore the genre’s place and function in theater history as both an art form and popular entertainment and its influence on culture in general. The course culminates in student presentations on a focused research question related to musical theatre

Kaustavi Sarkar, Assistant Professor in Dance

LBST 1101: Arts & Society: Dance (Online Asynchronous)

This is a liberal studies course focusing on dance appreciation. It surveys various dance forms ranging from Cambodian Apsara dance to Hip-Hop. It introduces elements of dance studies that focus on skills such as choreographic analysis where students learn to describe and analyze movement. This skill allows them to decipher meaning-making in gesticulation. Students also experience dance in performance contexts and in community settings. This online asynchronous course uses multiple active learning methods such as annotated videos, worksheets, and weekly quizzes based on course materials.

Amy Peters, Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Work

SOWK 2184: Writing for the Social Work Profession (Online Asynchronous)

This is a one-credit, half-term, asynchronous online course. Low-stakes practice activities give undergraduate students the opportunity to explore the types of writing required in upper level social work courses and used by social workers in the field. Students develop their critical thinking skills, take some chances, and build their confidence through this beginner level course.

Melanie Harris, Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences

BIOL 2259: Fundamentals of Microbiology (Online Asynchronous)

Fundamentals of Microbiology is a course taught for non-Biology majors. Students taking this course may have varying backgrounds and prerequisite knowledge of biology. The majority of them are pre-nursing students or those intending to pursue some type of professional health program after UNCC. While this is an online asynchronous course, my goal is to get students engaging with the material and me through reflection quizzes or surveys and engaging with each other through small group discussions or other tools such as Padlet and FlipGrid. I also use a variety of techniques with the intention of addressing belonging and mindset in a STEM course.