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Short Courses / Part-of-Term Courses: Strategies for designing and facilitating 8 week courses.

Using Cognitive Empathy in the Classroom: Strategies and tips for teaching and engaging with students with empathy.

Humanizing Your Online Course: Being human inside your online courses.

Universal Design

Teaching with Cognitive Empathy

Flexible Teaching

Supporting International Student Success

Teaching Through Tragedy

New Faculty

New Faculty

Lecture Based Classes

Make Every Minute Matter

Teaching Large Classes

Studio Teaching

Leading Discussions in the Classroom

Critical Thinking Articles

Participation and Attendance Tracking

First Day of Class

Short Courses / Part of Term Courses


Blended & Hybrid Learning

Blended and Hybrid Learning


Blended and Hybrid Learning Resources

Hybrid Course Elements

Hybrid Course Planning

Hybrid Course Syllabus

Remote Teaching Tips​

Simulcast Support Resources

Using Poll Everywhere for Quick Checks​

Online Learning

Online Learning – Resource Summary

Checklist for Online Courses

How Online Courses Work

Chunking and Pacing in Online Courses

Humanizing Your Online Course


Student Experience

Interaction in Online Courses

Online Course Development Tips

Large Online Courses

Online Activity Examples

Discussion Forums

Media in Online Courses

Feedback and Grading

5 Tips to Increase Instructor Presence

5 Time Management Tips to Help Students

5 Tools to Communicate and Engage Virtually

How to Create Student Welcome and Course Tour Videos

Webcam/Respondus Monitor Recommendations

Course Design

Basic Steps

Getting Started

Bloom’s Educational Objectives

Writing Measurable Course Objectives

Writing Measurable Module Objectives

Curriculum Mapping

Assessment & Feedback

Using Rubrics

Grading and Testing

Mid-Semester Feedback

Using Canvas Outcomes and Rubrics

Academic Integrity

Strategies to Mitigate Cheating in Online Courses

Academic Agreement

Academic Integrity

Assessment Evaluation

Alternative Assessment

Instructional Media

Instructional Video Support

Instructional Video Styles

AI for Teaching and Learning

Opportunities for Teaching with AI

Supporting Student Study Skills with AI

Supporting Student Writing with AI

Classroom Strategies to Promote Responsible Use of A.I.

How AI Tools Like ChatGPT Work

Syllabus Guidelines for the Use of AI Tools

Classroom Communication on the Use of AI Tools