2024 AI Institute for Smarter Learning

Building Momentum with Generative AI at UNC Charlotte

Generative AI is shaping our professional work, classroom learning experiences, and personal lives.

Last May 2023, the Center for Teaching and Learning held the 2023 AI Institute for Smarter Learning to convene as a community of educators. We explored how generative AI might help us reach our student success goals while also navigating the unknown impact of generative AI in higher education. The 2023 AI Institute was widely regarded as a success, establishing pathways toward becoming an AI-Ready campus.

On its second year, the 2024 AI Institute for Smarter Learning hopes to build on these pathways, leveraging our momentum to continue shaping the way we think about, teach with, and learn with generative AI.

The 2024 AI Institute for Smarter Learning is intended to serve the UNC Charlotte community of faculty, administrators, and staff by showcasing innovative and practice-based approaches to the use of generative AI across our campus.

We are excited to engage with you as we explore a year’s worth of experience using generative AI in your classroom. The institute offers the opportunity to bring together UNC Charlotte educators to holistically come together, collaborate, and explore strategies on how to become more confident, productive, and effective with generative AI.

Through knowledge sharing, hands-on demonstrations, and bold discussions with colleagues, we can continue to pave the way forward, learning to leverage AI in ways that transform the ways we teach and the ways our students learn.

At the Charlotte AI Institute for Smarter Learning, we aim to drive our campus from AI-Ready to AI-Empowered!

  • Convene as a community of educators to explore how AI can help meet student success goals
  • Build knowledge and skills to comfortably navigate the use of generative AI tools for teaching and learning
  • Gain hands-on practice with generative AI tools
  • “Listen” to the campus: Stories, experiences, challenges, solutions from faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Engage in bold discussions to pave the way forward for our campus

This AI Institute is for anyone at UNC Charlotte interested in learning more about generative AI tools for higher education. Whether you are a faculty, administrator, staff, or just someone who is curious about the possibilities of AI, this Institute is perfect for you!

The 2nd AI Institute for Smarter Learning on May 15, 2024 is a FREE event for the UNC Charlotte community.

Proposals should be specific to the application of generative AI methods in higher education that may include learning prompts, hyper-personalization, conversations or interactions with AI tools, feedback generation, design processes, and other similar strategies.

Presentations will be expected to highlight one of the following themes: 

  • Classroom Experiences: Teaching perspectives, student perspectives, classroom engagement
  • Teaching Innovation: Practice-based, classroom-based, and/or discipline-specific implementations 
  • Instructional Creativity: Design of course content, materials, lessons, and assessments 
  • Student Support: Student preparation, perspectives, and communicating expectations 
  • Academic Integrity: Policies, grading, and feedback
  • Ethics: Transparency, ethical use, responsible practices
  • Campus Engagement: Campus initiatives, partnerships, and collaborations

Please select a session format for your proposal:

Lightning talks are short, 15-minute presentations that offer opportunities for presenters to showcase their research or practices in a format that is engaging and reflective. These presentations should focus on a well developed topic on Generative AI that supports innovation and provides resources for audience take away. Proposals must align with the institute themes.

This format offers a 20-minute facilitated simulation of a lesson segment that was delivered in class that highlights the effective use of a generative AI tool. Presenters should prepare an actual lesson demonstration, and debrief on the instructional strategies used. In this session, the participants take on the role of the instructor and the audience take on the role of students. 

Poster presentations allow presenters to share their ideas and innovations in a more personal and conversational format within a 45-minute time block. Using a laptop, these presentations allow for a greater exchange of ideas and in-depth conversations to the Charlotte community that describe theoretical underpinnings, practical applications, or pilot projects. Proposals must align with the institute themes.
Note: Each presenter must bring their own laptop and power cord. A small table for your laptop will be provided.


Registration will open on March 1, 2024.
All attendees will be required to register.

Important Dates

For Questions

Please direct questions to Kiran Budhrani (kbudhran@charlotte.edu), Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation in the Center for Teaching and Learning