Active Learning Academy Achievements


  1. Steelcase Education Active Learning Center Grant 2019 – $67,000
  2. UNC Press Thomas W. Ross Fund Publishing Grant 2019 – $3,500


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Conference Presentations

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ALA Events and Symposia

  1. Hobgood, B. (2020, January 30). The Impact of Active Learning Spaces on Student Engagement. UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.
  2. Active Learning Academy Fall Kick-Off (2019, September 16). UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.
  3. Active Learning Academy Fall Kick-Off (2018, September 5). UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.
  4. Merlin-Knoblich, C. (2018, November 13). Flipped Learning 101. UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.
  5. Jason, K. (2018, March 26). Conquering the active learning experience: What should I know? How can I do better? UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.
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  7. Active Learning Academy Conference (2016, April 8). UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.