Active Learning Classrooms

Scheduling for Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) is in high demand. The Active Learning Academy (ALA) has priority scheduling agreements for CHHS 122, for our faculty learning community members.

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) 122 Active Learning Classroom

Room: College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) 122
“Steelcase Active Learning Center”

Capacity: Seats 38

Special Technologies: Lightweight, reconfigurable furniture on wheels, small whiteboards that lock into the ends of the tables and hang on the walls, extra small, medium, and large whiteboards on walls, movable “thread” power station outlets all around the room, floating presenter desk, 1 projector and projection screen controlled by a presenter podium, Qomo QD3900 document camera, USB microphone, and distributed audio.

Priority Scheduling Agreements: Current Active Learning Academy (ALA) Members have first priority scheduling, ALA alumni have second priority scheduling, scheduling of room is approved by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Additional Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) can be found all across the UNC Charlotte campus. As of 2022, UNC Charlotte has 20 ALCs. If you are interested in practicing active learning in an ALC, please consider joining the Active Learning Academy (ALA) faculty learning community to gain access to the two rooms above. For information on scheduling classes in the other ALCs, please contact the Office of the Registrar.