Lecture Capture with Zoom

Problem: For students who miss in-person classes due to isolation or quarantine, they would like to access your class lecture to keep up with your course.

Solution: You can capture your lecture with Zoom using the tools already in each classroom and make the recordings available on your Canvas site for students to view on demand.

Lecture Capture Using the Smart Podium + Zoom

Each classroom has a Smart Podium equipped with a computer and USB microphone:

  1. Login to the computer using your NinerNET credentials (not the generic “presenter” login).
  2. Open the materials you will be using for class today (Canvas, webpages, documents, document camera etc.).
  3. Launch Zoom based on your course type
    1. Through your Canvas Site if this is what you are already doing for your course (Online Synchronous)
    2. Log into zoom.uncc.edu and start your Personal Room (In-Person Courses)
  4. Share your screen.
  5. Choose the Zoom option to Record to the Cloud.
  6. Teach your class while it is being recorded (this will capture your audio and anything that displays on your screen). At the end of class, stop the recording.
  7. Your recordings will be automatically captioned and uploaded to your Canvas My Media via Kaltura. After your video is processed and in My Media, share it with the entire class by publishing it to the Media Gallery (best practice).

Pro Tip: Rename the video in My Media with the date of the class and the topic covered before publishing it to the Media Gallery or posting it to a Page.

Lecture Capture Using Your Own Laptop + Zoom

If you prefer to use your own university provided laptop:

  1. Plug in your laptop to the Smart Podium to make your computer desktop viewable in the classroom.
  2. Follow steps 2 – 7 from above.

Note: Lecture capture that includes board work recorded using the document camera will not work with a laptop plugged into the podium – you must use the podium computer to record work shown on the document camera.

In Class Troubleshooting

Caveats and Workarounds

This is a simple way for you to capture your lectures, please note the following limitations and considerations:

  • Staying Near the Microphone – to ensure your voice is captured clearly, you would need to stay near the podium to speak into the lectern microphone or your laptop microphone.
  • Board Work – if you do board work, consider using the document camera with pen and paper instead.
  • Student Questions and Audio – the USB microphone is limited in its ability to pick up student questions and commentary. When a student asks a question, consider repeating the question before answering it.
  • Classroom Recordings & FERPA – Consider not starting your recording until AFTER you conduct roll call if you do this out loud. After the semester is over, consider deleting these recordings from your My Media. Review the FAQs on Classroom Recordings and FERPA.

Additional Resources & Best Practices