Types of Online Instructional Videos

Videos are one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn new information, but also the most challenging and time-consulting to produce among all forms of learning content. Decide if you really need a video and why you need it. What type of video would make it easy for students to understand new information or new assignments? Here are some types of videos that will be helpful for students online:

  1. Micro-narrated presentation

  • To provide a quick primer on upcoming topics or readings
  • To review complex concepts from a previous reading
  • To present examples, stories, or applied scenarios for deepening understanding
  • To explain complex data, charts, graphs, illustrations, or frameworks
  • To explain how something works
  • To walk through a process or procedure
  1. Screen-capture tutorial
  • To record a live screen demo
  • To document a series of steps using specialized software
  1. Video-based orientation
  • To clarify expectations for new/upcoming projects, experiments, or assignments
  • To explain the mechanics of a complex assignment
  • To show examples of already-completed assignments
  1. Video-based feedback
  • To provide 1-1 feedback with a higher level of emotion than text-feedback
  • To personally motivate students with a voice message

If you prefer to search for existing video content than create your own video, here are some sources: