Preparing Instructional Videos

Here’s a quick video guide on preparing instructional videos produced by Kaltura.

You will need the following to launch an effective instructional video:

  1. A Script
    • The best way to feel good and sound good on camera is to know what you are going to say. Write a script to feel confident. Scripts can be a list of key points or the entire script of what you will say, word for word. Then, practice your script to feel natural with the pacing, word choice, and volume before you face the camera.
  2. Equipment
    • Smartphone camera – video files from a smartphone must be emailed and saved to your computer
    • Webcam – video files are automatically saved to your computer
    • Microphone
    • Tripod
  3. Recording Software: UNC Charlotte offers Kaltura Capture as the main video recording and publishing software. Always do a test video to get comfortable on how you look on screen before diving into the real moment of video recording.
  4. Streaming Video Server: Your video should be hosted on a server like Canvas or YouTube.